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Mission + Concept

The quality of life depends on many factors, among which the quality of land and the built enviroment.
The social culture and the job market, as well as political forces, the economy and the financial world, play a key role in determining a high-quality architecture and urban planning. History clearly demonstrates that the harmonic combination of architecture, political powers and financial forces, brought about great works. As a consequence, the role of the architect is essential to ensure the transmission of artistic and cultural values.  
In the new millennium of globalization, the awareness of the importance of a balanced and sustainable enviroment increased considerably. In this context, the architect, similar to the Vitruvian and Leonardian model, should play a  role, not only relevant to the transmission of cultural values, but also promoting green architecture and life quality.
According to GPA vision, the architect should show strong leadership skills, proactivity and organizational abilities. Other than keeping the traditional cultural and ethical rigour, the architect should apply an scientific approach in the management of the built environment. He/she should should develop an increased awareness of the balance needed between nature, art and construction and promote a concept where humans, environment and quality of life are a priority. The role of the architect is to inspire and always consider the future as a valorization of the past, rather than its denial.
GPA's vision about the built environment is certainly innovative, as we believe that the design processes should be original and revolutionary to the extent possible. This goes hand in hand with our conviction that architecture also means efficiency, durability and respect for the environment.
GPA's vision and concept exist since 1970 and are constantly applied on works of every scale with rationality, optimism, passion and pride – with an approach that goes beyond time and isms.

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Website designed by GPA Guido Galet - Copyright Guido Galet - C.F. GLTGDU52B16H657S
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